It is all automatic door is located in beautiful scenery and international cities-Shanghai。Is a collection of scientific research,On the production Marketing in an integrated manufacturers
It is all automatic door leading products The revolving door Automatic door The shutter Entrance guard Telescopic door And other products
Professional design personnel can according to customer demand customized customer required products
With the features of easy installation High strength No pollution Corrosion resistance Maintenance free Since the clean, etc
Products applicable to industrial and mining enterprises Organ The city Apartment house Schools and other places
Adhering to the company advantage“Durable quality、Trustworthy”The management idea,The quality for this、The operating principle of customer first、To response the market demand。
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  • Shanghai revolving door professional manufacturers——Shanghai is automatic door technology co., LTD。The national advisory telephone free of charge:4000-021-335,Business covers two wings revolving door、Three wing/Revolving door four wings、Crystal revolving door、Ring column revolving door、Copper revolving door and hardware fittings。For details
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Commercial smooth automatic doors of matters needing attention in use
Commercial smooth automatic doors in the process of using please follow the steps below,Otherwise the service life of sliding door and effect will sell at a discount greatly。(1)After power on,Doors will open and close with low speed a trip,Then the computer will be on their ownTo check the details