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·Transformer insulation carbide cutting tools
·Welding carbide cutting tools
·Machine clamp type carbide cutting tools
·Ingersoll carbide insert
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Hengyang city ji tool co., LTD

The phone:0734-8220628
The mobile phone:13907340813
Contacts:Ma Hengdong
Address:Hengyang DongYangDu town
Zip code:421001
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  Hengyang city ji tool co., LTD(The originalHengyang carbide cutting tools factory)Specializing in the production of various kinds of carbide cutting tools.The blade.The mold。And we can design for the user.Manufacture various non-standard cutting tools.And cemented carbide products。

  Transformer industry with insulation processing center with knives\Chuck and brendon DE jonge line pendulum shearing and punching die are the main products of our factory。

  We not only can provide customers with quality products,Can also according to customer's production need to design drawings,In all with high quality products and services to meet the needs of different customers。

  The fine quality,Perfect service,To win the majority of users to praise,Social progress、The demand of people constantly updated,We will, as always adhering to the“Stressing credibility,To provide customers with satisfactory products”Commitment,Actively committed to the perfect combination of technology and application。The new product——A perfect way,Never stop!

Product display | INFORMATION  
·Metal cutting tool materials in our country continues to grow ( 2012/08/13 )
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